The Errand

I had a great time filming the short film “The Errand” created by and starring James Skinner and Tom LaRochelle.  Keep your eye out!!


First Feature EVER!

David Spaltro has made Things I Don’t Understand, the first feature I was ever in, available to stream this month FOR FREE! It is a movie that means a lot to me, so please check it out!


Shot my first industrial about outsourcing and the importance of researching manufacturers!  I know… scintillating stuff, but the people I got to work with were really wonderful and professional, and my co-star was awesome 🙂

img_0290 img_0281.

Premiere of Book Club

Saturday was the cast and crew premiere of Book Club, a film about a recovering zombie written and directed by the multi-talented Ben Saltzman.  I had a ton of fun filming this offbeat, tongue and cheek short film with a lot of heart!

img_3795 img_3672 img_3826-2-1


I feel so honored to have such talented friends with whom I can create! The film we made, ECHELON, will give you a little surrealism for your day. And this is Bryan Dechart’s directorial debut!