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Of … In the Dark:

“A particularly chilling confrontation between Justinger and Folsom in the final act demonstrates exactly why Spaltro has chosen to work with these talented actresses more than once. In what could have been a clichéd exploration of evil itself, the two performers manage to anchor the scene in the realm of possibility, no easy task within the realms of the horror genre.”

– Flickering Myth

Movie Review – In The Dark (2015)


LA Independent Improv Festival

I had a great time performing with both my teams this weekend at LA Indie Improv Fest!  I will start posting more often about our shows, both Osito’s (pictured below) and Bryan Won’t Text Me Back – come check them out!

IMG_6014 IMG_6017

Great Review from Film Blitz as DARK EXORCISM moves towards release!

Great new review from!

“However, the best of the four leads is Folsom, who has to perform two, utterly opposite roles: Bethany, and the demonic entity inhabiting her, who is gradually destroying its host from within. As things degenerate, the difference becomes so radical, it’s hard to believe you are not watching separate actresses who happen to share a physical resemblance.”