Incredible reviews!

I am so grateful for all the wonderful feedback … In the Dark!  Check out what the critics are saying about my performance:

Folsom is excellent (just like she was in Things I Don’t Understand) as a deeply troubled girl. – Hugo Ozman, Twitch

Grace Folsom’s performance as Bethany is one that absolutely fires on all cylinders, she’s just THAT good. – Jerry Smith,

Grace Folsom steals every scene she’s in. – David Opie, Flickering Myth

But the character who I feel really stole the show was Bethany (Folsom). Every movement, the way she delivered her dialogue was fantastic. I was really drawn into her character and how everything played into her situation.

This is a crafty, low-budget psychological mystery with a clear supernatural bent but for all its thrifty technical attributes and demonic thrills, the real reason to watch it is for Grace Folsom’s effective performance as an innocent consumed by evil. – Adam Mast, Cinemast

Folsom’s talent as the chilling centerpiece everyone else revolves around isn’t a mistake as our believing in her creepy smiles under the influence of the evil tearing her Bethany apart is crucial to accepting psych major Veronica Carpenter’s (Lynn Justinger) eventual conversion from staunch critic to frightened witness of the impossible.  – BIFF15 Review by Jared Mobarak