Lady Filmmakers Festival

I had an incredible time performing in two readings this weekend, Coming Soon and Mourning After, at the Lady Filmmakers Festival.  There were some great screenings, and I got to hang with Patricia DiSalvo Viayra, the amazing festival runner, at the after party.


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Sketchy Time

I got to work with the dynamic duo, Kim Truong and Rock Coleman, on another one of their brilliant sketches!  I collaborated with these two on the parody, and am very excited to be back on set with them!

Two Dogs Pilot Shoot

I had so much fun getting to play Penelope again in the Two Dogs pilot shoot.  The team on this was really fantastic, creating the best atmosphere and most chill set ever.  Written by Sarah Sherman, directed by Michael James Johnson, starring Sarah Sherman, Zachary Ray Sherman, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Glenn Howerton.  Very excited to see this finished product!