Search Engines

We finished shooting Search Engines, the wonderful new film directed and written by the hugely talented Russell Brown, and Yahoo Insider did an adorable interview with two of the film’s stars, Connie Stevens and Joely Fisher, who are real life mother and daughter!  I played Connie’s granddaughter and Joely’s daughter in the film.  Check out the Insider Clip below!–movies–celebs/set-connie-stevens-joely-fisher-230444843.html


… In the Dark

We wrapped David Spaltro’s horror film, … In the Dark, with an exorcism and a lot of latex out of the way!  Check out some sneaks of the feature below!  (Photo cred Brian Hotaling Photography and David Spaltro)

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David Spaltro on horror casting!

The director and writer of the horror film I have been cast in has given an interview on how to cast horror, and said some great things about me, which I will of course shamelessly post on my website.  Enjoy!

“Grace Folsom constantly inspires and amazes me. I cast Grace in my last film “Things I Don’t Understand”, which was her first feature film after graduating NYU, and she played a young, terminally ill woman with such passion, humanity, and experience it was haunting and painful. Her audition in the room was great, but it was how strong her video taped submission was, done on a simple laptop webcam, that blew me away and got her in the room. I must have gone through a dozen or so taped submissions, multi-tasking and eating, but stopped everything and re-watched a dozen times after hers came on. Grace is the lead in “…In the Dark”, and again, since she had relocated to LA, sent in an audition tape for myself and the producers, and just…. I had chills and déjà vu. She’s just such a strong actress who grounds all the other performers she works with in a scene, and lights up the room. You’re instantly connected to her and the reality of the scene, even in a tiny, grainy HD taped audition. That’s a gift that I don’t even know if it’s possible to teach or learn.