Schoooled is released as a pay per view episode!  I play Tasha, the high school student and good friend of Danny, who is being bullied.  The series also follows the teachers’ story and their world in this crazy, off beat school.

Check it out for $2.99, and help make following episodes become a reality!

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Schoooled High School cast


I’m Bicoastal!!

I am now working with agents of Affinity Artists Agency on the east coast as well!  I met with them in New York and will be working with  Candi Kreinbrink for legit representation and Drew Miller for commercial.  Can’t wait to start booking with these two!

Bad Possum part 2!

After a fun shoot last week, Bad Opossum asked me to work with them again on another sketch!  This time, it was a group sketch featuring some pretty interesting support group participants…  Very excited and grateful to be collaborating with them again.

Sketch fun!

I was on set today with the sketch group Bad Possum filming “The Assistant” with wonderful director and fellow actor, Priya Rose Lorenz.  It was so much fun goofing around as an actor who gets some pretty intereeesssting directions from a casting assistant!